Pastoral Staff



Elwood Collazo, Senior Pastor

Pastor Elwood Collazo was born in Trenton, New Jersey and serves as a Pastor with his wife Zenaida Collazo at Christian Community Body of Christ (CCBOC) in Bridgeport, CT. He has been happily married since 1994 and the proud father of five children.

Pastor Elwood (known to most as Pastor Elo) moved to Stamford Connecticut in 1974 .While growing up he faced many challenges while he was still a teenager including homelessness. In 1990 Elwood first met his wife and gave his life to Christ in 1991 at his sister’s house during a women’s service. In 1993 he was devastated after losing his brother to gang violence. Several years later, God gave him the strength and opportunity to forgive the man who shot his brother face to face.

Pastor Elwood has overcome many obstacles throughout his marriage including financial struggles as well as his wife’s battle with breast cancer in 2010. Pastors Elwood and his wife were ordained as Pastor’s in 2014 and that same year Pastor Elwood traveled to Cuba on his first overseas speaking engagement.

Pastor Elwood has worked as a Superintendent for many years at large residential facilities and has always had a passion for community outreach.
He embodies the term “heart of a servant” within his ministry and outreach efforts by embracing people with a genuine “come as you are” love especially for those in urban communities struggling with homelessness, poverty, gang affiliation, and drug addiction. Pastor Elwood is an anointed speaker and presents revelation God’s Word in a teachable fashion for everyday living without compromising the truth of scriptures. Alongside his wife, humbly serves the Bridgeport community with their ministry.


Zenaida Collazo, Pastor

Pastor Zenaida Collazo was born in Stamford, Connecticut and serves as a Pastor with her husband Elwood Collazo at Christian Community Body of Christ (CCBOC) in Bridgeport, CT. She has been happily married since 1994 and is the proud mother of five children.

Pastor Zenaida committed her life to Christ in 1991. After overcoming many trials and tribulations in her personal life including a battle with breast cancer in 2010, Pastor Zenaida and her husband were ordained as Pastors in 2014.

In addition to being a very talented custom jewelry maker, Pastor Zenaida has worked as a Parent Facilitator at Julia A. Stark School, as a Kindergarten Teacher’s Aide at the Jewish Community Center in Stamford, CT, as a Therapy Aide for Dr. Awilda Figueroa’s chiropractic office. She also worked as a Resident Service Coordinator at a local elderly and disabled housing complex in Bridgeport, CT where she was responsible for assisting elderly and disabled residents get connected to programs and services in the community, until she was called into full-time ministry in 2015.

In 2016, Pastor Zenaida launched “Kut to Perfection” Women’s Ministry which embodies the philosophy that God is sharpening and cutting us all to perfection in our own individual way, just as no two diamonds are cut the same way in order to shine. Pastor Zenaida is anointed with a powerful prophetic and deliverance ministry. She is an inspiring, bold proclaimer of the Word of God and alongside her husband humbly serves the Bridgeport community with their ministry.