In 2009 Pastors Elwood & Zenaida Collazo felt God directing them to move out of Stamford, CT. Situations began to unfold that left them with no choice but to move their family to West Haven, CT. While living in West Haven, they began to attend CCRN (Christian Community of Restoration to the Nations) under the leadership of Apostles Raul and Emma Feliciano. During their time at CCRN they eventually moved to Stratford, CT during which time they faced Pastor Zenadia’s battle with breast cancer.

In 2012 still under the leadership of CCRN, they began two Prayer Cell Groups inside their home for Men and Women.  Family Cell Groups was a CCRN outreach strategy in order to help get non-believers to know God and develop a relationship with Jesus Christ, without having to be inside a physical church. The Cell Group started out with 8 people and they took a break for a few months to re-start in September, 2013 by joining both the Men and Women together as one group. In October, 2013 they were approached by a Staff member at Stratfield Apartments in Bridgeport, CT inquiring if they were able to run a bible study for the Elderly and Disabled Residents who lived in the 191-Unit low-income housing property. In November, 2013 the Cell Group had grown to 20-30 attendees and was being held on a weekly basis in the Community Room at Stratfield Apartments.

In December, Pastor George Colon (CCRN) was invited to come and share with the group. He recognized that they had grown far past a Cell Group and shared his findings with Apostle Raul Feliciano. Apostle made his first visit to the Cell Group in January of 2014 which had grown to approximately 50 attendees and the next month (February) ordained Elwood and Zenaida as Pastors and Christian Community Body of Christ (CCBOC) was born. In April, 2014 CCBOC began to hold services at the South End YMCA Community Center in Bridgeport, CT and June 1, 2016 moved in to their own space at 955 Connecticut Avenue inside the Bridgeport Innovation Center. In October 2018, CCBOC moved to it’s present location at 35 King’s Hwy East (2nd Floor), in Fairfield, CT.


For more information on CCRN, visit their website: www.ccrnweb.com